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Webpage top up method:

Top up URL:

Log in and select the game you want to top up, enter the MyCard top up page, select the amount you want to top up and click Pay Now to enter the MyCard payment page. After that choose payment method, such as point card, MyCard member deduction, mobile phone manufacturer stored value, local phone, ADSL telecommunication data, credit card, or MyCard deduction. After payment is completed, the account balance will appear in the purchase diamond interface in the game. You can then select the diamond to purchase to complete the transaction.

Top up process:

1. You need to use the email account or mobile account bound to the game when logging in.

2. After logging in, please confirm whether the ID in the game is the same as the "User ID" in the red box on the webpage. After confirming, select "Top up".

3. After entering top up page, please select the device you are using in the "top up platform", (Game top-up value is according to the os), After selecting the amount to be top up, click "Pay Now".

4. After completing the payment, return to the in-game purchase diamond page. You will see the account balance, and can then purchase the diamond you want, completing the transaction.